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Let’s put an end to the exhausting upset and arguments in your family.

You may be thinking, “I wish my family could spend time together without arguing” or “I wish my teenager would tell me what is going on in her life.” Sometimes it can feel like the older kids get, the further apart the family grows. Disrespect and anger outbursts begin to happen on a regular basis. Over time it seems as though no one is listening or feeling heard and the frustration and tension begin to grow. In your efforts to create some sense of order in the home, you are accused of nagging and being “annoying”. It is easy to start feeling hopeless and exhausted, and overtime you may begin to give up on the family ideal you once held.

But we don’t have to give up on our ideal…it is possible to get our kids talking to us again and bring some peace back into the home. Sometimes it only takes learning and implementing a few new communication strategies or parenting techniques to make this happen. Other times it takes getting your child the help she needs with anxiety, depression, school problems, or social issues. My goal is to help families talk and share more, respect one another, and enjoy spending time together. I want home to be the place where we want to be…where we can laugh, work together as a team, support each other, and just be ourselves.

For the last 15 years, I have devoted my professional practice to helping kids and their families get along better and feel happier in their lives. I want to hear more about your situation and see how I can help. Give me a call at 408-369-9800 or email me at so we can get started today.
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