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Letís stop the power struggle-meltdown cycle.

It can be so overwhelming and, even embarrassing at times, when our kids continue having tantrums and meltdowns into their school age years. And it can feel even worse if they are hitting or biting the other kids at school. Getting stuck in power struggles can become a daily occurrence, and then we lose our patience and end up either yelling at or giving in to our kids. Everyone is left feeling not heard and disrespected.

In some cases, we are able to decrease the behavioral issues by implementing some new parenting techniques and in other instances play therapy can be just what a child needs to get through a difficult transition. In play therapy, not only do we work on interpersonal skills and problem solving skills, we also provide kids a space to identify, express, and work through their upset feelings. Over the course of the therapy, kids begin to decrease the frequency of anger outbursts and are able to use their words more effectively. Kids also start experiencing fewer worries and feel more confident, capable, and happy in their daily lives.

I am dedicated to helping kids get along better in their lives and feel happier and more confident. I want to hear more about your child and see how I can help. Give me a call at 408-369-9800 or email me at so we can get started today.
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