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Learn how to stop the power struggles and disrespect for good!

Parenting is THE most important job we can do…and it can be the most difficult. And unfortunately, the only parent training we receive is what we have learned from our own parents. Although the parenting style our parents used may have worked on us, times are different now and the old way of parenting is not so effective with today’s kids. Oftentimes parents come to me saying, “It doesn’t matter what I take away, he doesn’t care” or “We can’t get out of the house on time without a fight”. The power struggles become exhausting and we are no longer enjoying our kids and having fun with them.

In order to get your family feeling close again, it will take making a few changes in the way you communicate and implementing some new strategies in the home. Because the parenting component is an essential piece in the overall functioning of a healthy family I often integrate the parenting work into my therapy sessions. My goal is to teach families how to use empathy in their communication, eliminate the reminders and nagging (yes, it is really possible!), remain calm when delivering consequences, use compromise when possible, and avoid lecturing.

My purpose in working with parents and kids is to foster healthy communication and create more peace and joy in the relationship and in the home. I want to hear more about your parenting struggles and see how I can help. Give me a call at 408-369-9800 or email me at so we can get started today.
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