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I know it concerns you when you see your teen struggling.

The teenage years can be some of the most difficult for both the teen and the parents. With all of the demands of school, social life, and extracurricular activities, teens can feel high levels of stress and overwhelm and oftentimes, these feelings can show up as irritability and defiance. Helping your teen work through the challenges of being a teenager and her roller coaster of emotions can be extremely challenging…especially if she is also dealing with anxiety, depression, or ADHD. If you are the target of her irritability and she is pushing you away rather than telling you what is going on in her life, it becomes impossible for you to be her guide and support during this difficult time.

I help teens learn to identify and express upset and angry feelings as well as teach effective methods to decrease stress, overwhelm, hopelessness, and self-doubt. I also specialize in helping teens reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is imperative that we find healthy coping skills for your teen, so that she is not depending on drugs/alcohol, self-harm behaviors, or sexual acting out. My goal is to help teens feel happier, improve their communication, and feel more hopeful and confident about their life.

I have a passion for working with teens and supporting them on their path to living happy and successful lives. I want to hear more about your teen and see how I can help. Give me a call at 408-369-9800 or email me at so we can get started today.
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