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The first important factor in choosing a therapist is that you and I feel a positive connection with one another and that our personality and style feel like a good fit. Secondly, as your therapist, I would need to have the knowledge and experience to help you. My hope is that after we begin working together, you will feel comfortable with me and confident in my abilities. My intention is that we both show up fully and honestly with one another, we do the work we have set out to do, and we have some laughs along the way.
If you are coming to me with relationship issues or because you or a family member is feeling unhappy or overwhelmed in their life, I am confident that I can help. I am trained in various therapeutic modalities and have a variety of ways to work with people. If for some reason, we decide that we are not a good fit or that my style of therapy is not what you are looking for, I would love to give you referrals to some other practitioners.
In about 95% of the cases I work with, if you can get the child or teen to my office, after the first 1-2 sessions, he/she usually wants to come back. Most kids and teens really appreciate having a therapist to work with and talk to. Many kids want to come more often…or even ask to come home with me! I have an easy time building rapport and working with kids and teens is one of my passions.
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